It is really weird how so many people complain that they always have no money while at the same time they do nothing about it to work a little extra and earn extra money.

TV, parties and surfing the net seem more attractive, there are always excuses…

They complain all the time how unhappy they are and how awful times are today, how horrible people are and how bad those well-off guys are…

Do you happen to know such people? Strange, me too 🙂

There is a story about an old man. His grandson put some Limburger cheese on his moustache while tha old man was sleeping. Do you know of that cheese? It smells of sports shoes a teen hasn’t washed for at least 6 months…

The old man woke up, startled by the horrible stench. And he concluded: “OMG, this room stinks!”

He went to the living room only to find out that… it stinks too. Then he went into the kitchen and, weirdly enough, it stank too.

When he got outside, he discovered that ALL THE WORLD STINKS!!!

This story might seem funny but when EVERYTHING works against you and things NEVER work out, you seem to be walking in circles and have bad luck all the time… isn’t it time to look closer and check on your moustache? 🙂

If you want to earn extra money and change your luck by doing something that you have been doing ever since the age of four, only you never got paid for it, call me to talk about it. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY, as long as there is A WILL!

My skype is georgealex1605.

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