The State is a horrid Frankestein that we ourselves have created. And now we need to watch out and learn how to keep away from it and live with it.

Oh, by the way, the State IS NOT the country or the nation. It’s the administrative system that sucks into you like a parasite and drains more and more of your life: you find out that you live solely to feed HIM.

If you are poor, you live in constant humiliation to beg HIM all the time. If you start making your own decisions, HE will always stand in your way and hinder you from being different from the crowd and making it. And if you somehow manage to make it, in spite of HIM, and become rich and successful, HE penalizes you by levying more taxes on you.

And then this same State, aka Frankestein, decides how to spend all the money HE has collected from taxes (meaning stealing that money, for where there is a common and corporate responsibility, there is always the case of washing of hands, dirty ones…).

If you don’t know what a Ponzi or a pyramid scheme is, that’s it: a handful of people takes all that millions keep on giving, constantly… And simply lives on their backs, the host, who provides all that is necessary for the parasite to grow and develop…

Oh, my God, what have we ourselves cultivated here???

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