Here is my OPEN LETTER to the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria with cc to many international institutions and media.

You may copy the text and send it to those addresses and even more, saying that you support me or you may write your own version but WE NEED TO FLOOD WITH ZILLIONS OF MAILS THOSE PEOPLE WHO CAN INTERVENE AND HELP US STOP THE MAFIA FROM RULING OUR COUNTRY! We want a peaceful end of this absurd situation and every little helps!


Dear Mr. Ombudsman,

My name is George Alexandrov and I am a Bulgarian citizen who gave his vote at the last Parliament elections and I am addressing You for support and intervention because I feel I am being discriminated and completely unprotected in my own country, the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Socialist Government of Mr. Plamen Oresharski received the mandate with the support of about 20% of the voters and rules the country with no opposition and no correcting body in the Parliament.

With their first actions, the Government caused strong negative reactions among the general public in Bulgaria, as well as abroad, by appointing people who have directly and openly been connected with the criminal underground world or former agents of the Communist Secret Services in all key positions in the Administration and the Ministries. This was not an isolated case but continues with every new appointment they make.

The present Government divides the people of Bulgarian in groups and stirs strife and tension between those groups with the decisions they make every day and the actions they undertake, claiming they work for the betterment of the economic situation, while in the meantime they change the course of the country away from Europe towards Russia, again, binding Bulgaria in agreements that will cause dependance for many years ahead.

The Parliament is not functional, since there are only the two ruling parties: The Bulgarian Socialist Party and the ethnic Party for Rights and Freedoms, while their ‘opposition’ is the representative of the Attack Party who helps them have the quorum while Mr. Siderov is obviously trespassing the laws of Bulgaria, hitting journalists and entering the Parliament House carrying a gun and provoking violence. The main political party GERB, who won most votes in the elections, is completely detached from the political life of the country after their utterly irresponsible act of leaving the Parliament and not attending the sessions at all. Therefore, all the decisions that are made at those sessions, are biased and compromised and I, being a Bulgarian citizen, express my disapproval of them because of lack of discussion and proper quorum.

The institutions in Bulgaria are not functional: the Prosecutor’s office keeps quiet and they do not take off the immunity of compromised members of Parliament; the court is inactive and legal action against former rulers is extremely slow and ineffective; the mafia and the underground world have access to power and the decisions of the Government, as well as to all the classified information; the Government does not resign and generates tension, thus provoking riots and uproar with every other decision and appointment they make.

Tens of thousands of Bulgarian citizens (the conservative estimate claims there have been a lot more than 100,000 protestors so far) are protesting peacefully along the streets of Sofia and many other cities in the country for several hours every evening, for 30 days today, to express openly our vote of no confidence to the present Government and demand their immediate resignation.

Due to the total absence of appropriate solution from the Bulgarian politicians and institutions, from my position of a rightful Bulgarian voter and citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria, I insist on Your intervention to solve this situation of crisis that our country is in.

I insist that the Government of Bulgaria keep the national and international
agreements of a member state of the EU and NATO: to create and keep the peace of the citizens and deal with the political crisis by resigning and leaving the political arena.

I do believe that there are tools of diplomatic influence to solve the utterly absurd situation we are in and I thank You for Your intervention and support of the tens of thousands of Bulgarian citizens, demonstrating along the streets of the country, to prevent the tension from escalating and leading to a civil war situation in our country.

Sincerely yours,
George Alexandrov,
Citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria

Here are the addresses I mailed to:


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